Why Your Repair Store Needs a PBX System

by Nosherwan Khan
Why your repair store needs a PBX system RepairDesk Blog

Whether you’re a small repair business or an established one, a PBX system will undoubtedly be great for your store. Repair stores get a lot of inquiries over the phone, and a PBX system can help you manage it all. It offers all the features a repair business needs and saves a great deal of time when dealing with customers. Not only that, but it can also be great for revenue. Let’s have a look at how a PBX system can make your repair shop even better.

What exactly is a PBX system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which in simple terms means a private telephone network. A PBX system is often used by businesses to route calls to and from their locations. It also serves as a way for internally communicating with your workers. Think of it as an intercom or one of those internal phone networks you see in movies.

A PBX system can connect customers to their desired person in a company very easily. It allows calls to be screened and routed to the correct destination. With advancements in technology, PBX systems can do a lot more, such as transfer data or cross-reference numbers with database records. Moreover, it can handle large volumes of calls and engage customers better. If you’ve ever called a company and were put on hold while being connected to someone else, then you’ve experienced what a PBX does.

Why do you need a PBX?

Having a PBX system in your repair store is a great way to attend to customers. As we’ve mentioned before, it helps route calls and connects people to their desired point of contact. That could mean the receptionist, the technician, the store manager, or even the owner. It acts as a gateway to your repair shop, and you can use it to direct calls wherever you want.

Another feature that the PBX provides is the ability to handle multiple calls at the same time. Let’s say that when someone calls you normally while you’re on the phone, they would either be sent to voicemail or will be told that the caller is busy. With a PBX, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. If a customer calls, the PBX will accept the call and put them in a waiting queue. That way, as soon as the phone is free, they will be connected to your store.

What else can a PBX offer you?

While PBX systems are generally installed in places with high call volume, they do have other benefits. For example, if your store has multiple locations, you can centralize their phone lines on a single system. That means that when a caller calls Store A for a repair going on at Store B, you can easily transfer them to the correct store. This eliminates the need to ask them to hang up and try a different number, something that would normally annoy the customer.

Believe it or not, a PBX can also save you money. With a system in place to manage phone calls, you won’t have to hire new people to answer queries or train existing ones. Your PBX should be able to attend every call, and that means you won’t miss out on revenue either.

Finally, if you know how to use it probably, the system can even act as a caller ID and show you important information. This makes it easier to know who is calling and what for, so you can serve your customers better. Now isn’t that useful!


Having a PBX system at your repair shop brings a host of benefits to your workflow. You’ll be able to answer calls and route them better and save on costs in the process. Not to mention, it makes managing multiple repair stores a lot easier, and every customer will be satisfied. If you’re receiving a large number of calls, it makes all the more sense to have a PBX system to manage everything.

With all things considered, it’s a great idea to have a PBX system present at your store. Whether you’re a large-scale business or just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a system that takes care of it all.

Speaking of taking care of things, RepairDesk is an all-in-one repair management software that can take care of everything at your store. From tickets to invoices to inventory and store management, you’ll have everything when you choose RepairDesk. We even have a PBX integration that lets you view real-time alerts on every call to your store, allowing you to service your customers better. With it, you can easily identify who is calling, and what ticket they are calling for. This allows for better customer support and benefits your clientele. Check what tickets they have pending, what their customer history is, and more when you choose RepairDesk. Sign up for our free 14-day trial to learn more.

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