19 Ways A Good Point of Sale Will Reduce Your Stress

by Mahnoor Mansur

A customer comes into your repair shop. You check in the customer through your point of sale. You go about the usual routine by asking the customer about their details and problems with the device. After running a pre-repair checklist, you create a ticket and move on to the next customer. 

But did you know that your point of sale is an amalgamation of multiple benefits that can help you get done with check-in and checkout processes within seconds. 

You will be surprised to see the benefits of your point of sale that can help you work orderly and systematically. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of the RepairDesk POS. 

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1. Tab Configuration 

Our point of sale allows you to configure tabs on your POS screen according to your own choice. You can easily add tabs from module configuration so that every time you create a new ticket, you can add items from different tabs. All that is possible in a few clicks within your point of sale screen. 

2. Price Alterations 

While creating a ticket, you see that the price of the product or repair is not accurate or is not mentioned. And now you have to go to the inventory management tab to fix the price from there and then come back to the point of sale to create the ticket. 

Too much hassle, no? Well, your point of sale provides a convenient flow to edit the repair cost and price at two points on your POS. 

For editing the repair charges, you have to edit this tab: 

Whereas you can change the prices through the line items. 

With just a few clicks, you can make some last-minute adjustments to the repair charges and price. 

3. Pre And Post Repair Conditions 

Oftentimes, the tech taking in a repair does not have a pre-repair checklist. So, it is easy to miss out on small details that can later cost your repair shop.

For instance, a customer comes in for screen replacement and doesn’t know the mic is acting up as well. You either skip checking it or forget to inform the customer because you do not have a pre-repair checklist. Once the screen has been replaced, the customer takes their device home only to find a faulty mic.

Who gets the blame for the faulty mic? You, of course!

RepairDesk has integrated pre and post repair checklists…

You can use the pre-repair condition checklist at your point of sale? You also have the option of customizing the checklist according to your needs and flag it on your POS. So that the employees don’t skip this step, saving you the hassle of facing angry customers demanding their money back. 

4. Automatic Selection Of Parts For Bundles

Managing a repair store requires a lot of time and work. On busy days, you need to work faster to keep the line of customers moving. Because if you keep them waiting, they might walk away. And nobody likes that. 

One way to do that is to automate your processes in such a way that you can create a ticket in 2-3 clicks. Our point of sale allows you to create bundles of parts. Every time you select a repair, the parts associated with the repair will automatically be added to the ticket. So, you can skip one step and move directly towards the checkout or create a ticket option. 

5. Special Part Order 

At times customers request a part that is usually not available at your store. The usual practice is heading to the inventory and then ordering that special part. 

But with RepairDesk’s point of sale, you can order that special part through your POS screen while creating the ticket. Yes, it’s that simple. 

So, you can keep the line of customers moving with a fast ticket creation system. 

6. Quantity Adjustment 

Are you running out of parts for repair services? You can easily adjust the quantity and price from your point of sale screen. So, you don’t have to make the customer wait or send them away due to the non-availability of parts. 

7. Store Credits, Loyalty Points, And Gift Cards 

RepairDesk’s point of sale allows its users to offer store credits, loyalty points, and gift cards

Here is how it works: 

Store credit is a feature within our point of sale that allows users to offer in-store credit to customers rather than giving cash on refunds or trade-ins. It keeps a record of how many store credits the customer has and allows them to use it for purchase of items and repairs. 

RepairDesk also offers a loyalty program to its customers right within their POS to engage and retain customers. You can offer your customers loyalty points which they can use on their future purchases. 

Another option available in your point of sale is gift cards. Your customers can pay for repairs using card rather than cash. This feature enables you to create gift cards directly from the point of sale so that your customers can redeem them in the future. 

8. Payment Facility 

RepairDesk houses multiple payment integrations so that repair shops can quickly get paid without going through any hassle. 

In addition to this, RepairDesk is home to multiple payment integrations. You have 5 payment integrations to choose from for your cell phone repair store software. Our dedicated payment terminal, RepairDesk Payments, is being used by many patrons because of its multiple benefits.

Here is what our patron Alex Marinin from Computer Repair Doctor (Cleveland) has to say about RepairDesk Payments:

“When Usman introduced us to RepairDesk Payments, it was huge. An all-in-one payment system with a very nice customer-facing display that also carries out contactless payments, what else could we ask for?”

You can also offer split payments to your customers. They can divide the payment on multiple cards, ensuring that your customer conveniently pays as they like. 

9. Ticket Assigning 

One important matrix that keeps the processes of your repair store streamlined is assigning tickets. With RepairDesk, you can assign a ticket to your employee while creating it. So, it helps you manage all your operations from a single screen. 

10. Digital Receipts

Running a repair business involves giving receipts to your customers when they purchase your service or product. You can create different types of receipts through our point of sale. You can also set agreed terms and conditions between you and your customers.

Terms and conditions act as reminders for your customers about the prerequisites under which they purchased an item or service. They can also be related to the policy of payment. 

With RepairDesk receipt options, you no longer have to make receipts manually. Just pick the option and layout that suits you and customize it according to your needs. That’s it!

11. Track Your Marketing 

Our point of sale contains a separate section labeled “how did you hear about us?” It allows you to find out the referral sources from where your customers found out about you. You can view the collected information in a reporting format and let you know from where you generated the most revenue. Then in the future, you can invest more of your marketing budget on that platform. 

12. Tax Class

While creating a ticket, you can assign a tax class to the selected inventory item. Once you assign the tax, the tax rate of that class will be added to the inventory item. It would come in handy if you forgot to implement taxes on your inventory items. 

Thus, you won’t have to head back to the settings to do that. You can pick the tax class for the inventory item, and you are good to go. 

13. Centralized Customer Management 

You can get customer data through your point of sale, and use this information to run marketing campaigns, track sales patterns, and much more. 

Our point of sale allows you to add a new customer or group and search for a customer as well. It lets you fetch all the data of that particular customer, including purchase history, through a few clicks. You will not have to ask for their information again and again. It makes it easier for you to give a friendlier checkout process to your customer. 

In addition to this, if you have a special discount for a customer group, it will automatically appear on your point of sale. 

Here is what Waqas Imdad Qureshi from Cell Geeks has to say about RepairDesk’s customer management, 

“The biggest benefit of having POS software in place is that it keeps a clean record of everything. Even if a customer comes back after 2 to 3 months, I can instantly search them in the system and pull up their business history with our store, which is pretty cool.”

14. Direct Search of Inventory, Tickets, and Invoices

Do you want to save time while creating tickets? 

You can do that by directly entering the item name, SKU, or scanning the barcode. The searched item will directly be added to the list, and you can proceed to a quick checkout. It’s less time-consuming and super convenient. 

15. Refund 

Our refund module allows you to give money back to the customer via PayPal, cash, or credit card through your point of sale. You will not have to go to the other tabs to issue a refund and can save time. 

You can do the refund in two ways:

  1. When you view an invoice through your point of sale. 
  1. Through the line items. 

16. Warranty Claim 

Sometimes the part you are using in your repair job might turn out to be faulty. To make it easier for you, our point of sale has a warranty claim. 

If a warranty claim is against a part that you sold, you can quickly claim warranty by just clicking a single button and adding the details. 

17. Self-Check-In Widget 

To speed up your repair ticket booking process, you can also enable the self-check-in widget on your point of sale. It allows customers to feed their information into the system themselves. It comes in handy if you have a busy repair shop. 

18. Estimate 

Customers usually contact and inquire about the price of repair service or product. Rather than giving them information over the phone, you can efficiently create an estimate through your point of sale and email it to the client. 

So, you will be able to track potential customers and keep a record of such leads. The best part is that you can convert it into a ticket in just a single click if the customer approves the estimate. 

19. Inquiry 

A customer calls your repair shop and requests a quote about a repair service, warranty, store location, products, or generally inquires about something. 

To help you, the inquiry module in the point of sale lets you enter customer information quickly. And you can send that information back to the customer via email or SMS. 

Moreover, you can track these inquiries along with the ability to convert them into invoices, estimates, or tickets. 

Everyone loves it when they get more than what they paid for. The ability to do multiple things right from your point of sale screen makes processes faster. You get better ROI with streamlined processes. 

Now that you know all the things you can do through your point of sale, you should be ready to use all these. It will get more than half of your job done through a few clicks only. What are you waiting for? Get right into it today. 

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