Square Vs RepairDesk POS: A Brief Comparison

by Komayal Hassan
Square Vs RepairDesk POS

For many marketers, point of sale (POS) represents the culmination of the customer journey. The stage where clients not only convert but also stand the chance of becoming regulars. A hard ignore for any business looking to grow. πŸ“ˆ

In this respect, cell phone and computer repair shops are no different. The good ones intimately understand the connection between client satisfaction and buying ease. This latter aspect stems from the business process integrations in place.

As per a general rule: 

The more seamlessly connected a business’s workflow processes, the more purchasing and follow-up ease trickles down to its customers.

Kind of a no-brainer. 

Shockingly overlooked by a large number of business owners. But vital to ensuring an above-average client experience.

Intuitive Flow: A Guarantor of a Good Customer Experience

One design aspect, however, needs to be βž• to this equation. 

The concern with intuitive flow

Put simply, and in our narrow, POS, context, this software characteristic is pivotal. Either a deal maker or breaker, depending on how it’s wrought.

The recipe card analogy (for any preferred, baked, culinary offering) is fitting –

A tasty, well done, finished meal requires (in step-wise order):

  • The mixing of the right ingredients
  • Skillful pouring into the right mold
  • Heating at the right temperature (and within the right timeframe)

Imagine what would happen if the hungry eater were to shuffle the process. Follow Step 1 by 3 – and hope to insert Step 2 as an afterthought. πŸ˜…

Not a pretty mess, right.

Well, software systems need to be structured in much the same way.

In the case of POS systems, they should only start with easy payments processing – and not end at it! The point where most industry solutions go wrong.

But not our contenders here.

Highlights on Where They Differ

Both, as we explain, allow for seamless payment submissions. Complete with inventory, customer loyalty, fraud, and accounting management features. All connected end-to-end for a wholesome merchant and client experience. πŸ’±

Where they differ, though, is in terms of narrow industry customization. 

Broadly speaking, Square POS, with its large assortment of third-party and hardware integrations, is more general in scope. Suited to a wide range of industries, it allows for easy placements in virtually every retail setting. Making for a large fishing net, if you get the analogy.

RepairDesk POS, which features Square payments integration, is more turnkey. Custom-built for the cell phone and computer repair industry. 

An ideal fit for the repair shop owner, tech, worker, and customer. Designed from the ground up, literally, on the said users’ feedback. Based on a minute resolution to resolve everyday process issues. Working towards complete work ‘smoothness’. Continually adaptive and receptive to evolving client inputs.

RepairDesk 2.0, set for full release this February (2022), takes this customization effort further. 

A Tabular Comparison

Since we’re all about publishing targeted, value-laden content, we thought we’d dispense with the running text. Build a neat table for you to pick contrasting and similar features at a glance. And with the confidence you need to make the right subscription for your repair venture.

So here goes. 🧐

[Feature prompts are based on official website sourced material – as of Dec 2021]

RepairDesk Square
Product Offerings/TypesSoftware + Hardware (RepairDesk Payments Wireless Terminal)Software + Compatible Hardware (POS Terminals Assortment)
Design ThematicCell Phone & Computer Repair Shop/Business-FocusedBroad Implementation Across All Retail Settings
Design OrientationIntuitiveIntuitive
Learning CurveLittle/EasyModerately Easy
POS Screen/Interface FeaturesFast Customer Checkouts 

Repair Tickets Generation Pre/Post-Repairs Checklist 

Customer Self Check-Ins CRM: Emails, Phone Numbers, Existing Info Pullups
All except Pre/Post-Repairs Checklist; Customizable Invoices Offered (these can be tailored to read like invoices with extra effort)
Payment Channels/FacilitiesSecure, Hassle-Free, Contactless (RFID + Email Link Sharing)

Online + In-Store

Cash, Square, Paypal, Credit Card, RepairDesk Payments

Partial Payments

Advance Deposits

Quotations Transfers
All Credit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Play, Cash App Pay
Customer Retention ToolsCustomized Email Campaign

SMS Messages

Loyalty Program/Gift Cards (Enterprise Plan)

Store Credits

Warranty Claims

Email Marketing

SMS Payments Outreach
Upsell/Cross-Sell OptionsBundles


Group Discounts
β€˜More Revenue Opps’Pre-Owned Devices: Buy, Refurbish, Sell Second-Hand Devices

Gift Cards: Digital & Plastic – to boost customer retention/increase brand awareness

Bill Payments: Sell prepaid PINs for H2O, AT&T, T-Mobile, Tracfone, Boost, Verizon, & any other network and track payments in RepairDesk

In-Line Discounts: Offer discounts on individual items on your list. Your discount will be applied to a specific item only.
Customizable Interface; Specific Revenue Opp Screens Not Available at Default
ContractsMonthly & Annual
2.6% + 10Β’ processing rate per tap, dip, or swipe
Cheap, Startup PlansLite+Free to Start; Payments on Use
Data TransferEasyEasy
Setup TimeEasily in 24 houseReady to Go
Data Privacy + SecuritySSL Encryption; Customer Owns LL Yes
iPad AvailabilityYesYes
Customer SupportExcellentFair
POS Comparison Chart – A Basic Overview – Please See the RepairDesk POS and Square POS official website pages for detailed info

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Commitment to the merchant

RepairDesk is all about facilitating the repair shop owner and tech. Its design philosophy is closely tethered to this foundation – though broadly, it can be used in almost every repair setting.

Ever since its first launch, the software suite has evolved. Manifested in repeat changes, based on consumer input. Feature add-ons geared to provide relief in some daily workflow aspect. Comprehensive payments support to boost sales. Or periodic security enhancements to ensure deposits + data safety. 

Complete peace of mind, as it were, for both direct users and their customers. 

On the flip side, however, the said framework might not work as well in the larger retail context. Something which Square POS, currently, excels at. 

Still, RepairDesk corporate isn’t backing down. And in a popular, longstanding commitment, they have communicated their intent to scale. To provide a larger coverage net through their marketed repair solution – as a one-stop go-to.

In this respect, 2022 is a big year for the company – with many interesting product outings in the offing. So, if you fit the consumer demographic (are a repair tech or shop owner), be sure to stay tuned.

Additionally, you can subscribe to RepairDesk classic to get your business affairs sorted in the meantime. At least until 2.0 is rolled your way; guaranteed to electrify your operations! πŸ’ͺ

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