RepairDesk Round-up – August Edition

by Nosherwan Khan
RepairDesk August 2020 Roundup

RepairDesk has brought several great new updates to its software this month, all chronicled in our August 2020 Roundup. Our repair shop management software is now even better for cellphone, computer and other repair stores. With these improvements, repair shop owners get a host of improvements to their business that makes productivity better. Let’s have a look at what’s new for the month of August.

Launch of RepairDesk Mobile App

RepairDesk kicked off the month with the beta launch of its Mobile App. This new app includes many of the base features found in both the RepairDesk web app and the iPad POS Register app, also available on Apple devices. The Mobile App was launched in its beta phase on August 19, 2020 for iPhone, and on August 21, 2020 for Android devices. Some of the noteworthy features are:

  •         Create/update repair tickets
  •         Add notes & upload pre-/post-repair attachments
  •         Collect signatures before or after a repair is completed
  •         Create/update invoices
  •         Add payments for repairs

To use the RepairDesk Mobile App, you need to have a RepairDesk account and must have used the web app prior.

Get RepairDesk Mobile App for iOSGet RepairDesk Mobile App for Android

Epson Printer Direct Integration

Another great addition in our August 2020 Roundup is the new Epson Printer Direct Integration. We’ve added a new module in RepairDesk that lets you automatically print thermal receipts with the recommended Epson printer.

Using this new integration, customers will be able to print a thermal receipt on certain events, such as

  •         when a ticket is created;
  •         when an invoice is created; and
  •         when a shift is closed in the software;

Additionally, you’ll also be able to open the cash register automatically when a thermal receipt is printed. This integration will also allow customers to automatically print thermal receipts wherever there is an option to print them.

Watch EPSON printer integration in action for WindowsWatch EPSON printer integration in action for Mac

Dymo Label Writer Integration

Similar to our Epson integration, we’ve also added a new Dymo Label Printer Direct Integration for RepairDesk. This integration will allow customers to automatically print labels with their Dymo LabelWriter 450 when using RepairDesk wherever there is a provision for it.

Enabling this integration can be done in just a few easy steps, as shown in our GIF below.

Dymo Printing Integration in our repair shop software

New cash-basis reporting

Adding further value to RepairDesk is the introduction of our new cash-basis reporting system. This new accounting model gives customers a more thorough overview of their financials, including an updated Profit & Loss report, where repair store owners can view all the net sales, COGS, loyalty points, and net profit. Learn more about it in our release notes.

Improved Manage Estimates module

Our Estimates module has also seen an overhaul as part of the August 2020 roundup. The Manage Estimates feature will show better details on estimates created, some of which are as follows:

  •         A completely new section is created to show estimates’ records and details.
  •         On the estimate listing page, you can view all the previously created estimates with their relevant status.
  •         Whenever an estimate is created, the customer will be notified via email.
  •         Customers can either view, approve, or ask for change requests after reviewing the estimate from the customer portal.
  •         On approval, it will ask for the customer signatures and the estimate status will be updated.
  •         On change request, a popup will appear where customers can write their required changes.
  •         Once the estimate is approved, the repair store’s employees can create a ticket from those estimates.

You can learn more about how estimates now work by visiting our Knowledge Base article on How to Create Estimates.

New Feature: Billable Hours

Continuing with the new features introduced in August, RepairDesk now has a new Billable Hours feature added into its system. When enabled, this new feature will allow you to charge by an hourly rate, as decided between the customer and your store representative. All hours will then be tracked in RepairDesk, and the final billing will be calculated based on the time spent.

To learn more about this feature, you can check out our Knowledge Base article on Billable Hours.

Stay tuned for more!

The RepairDesk August 2020 Roundup is topped off by a number of improvements and bug-fixes to the system that makes the software a lot more stable and helpful. Repair shop owners who have signed on to RepairDesk can enjoy the benefits brought in this past month, and expect more to come in the weeks ahead. As always, we’re extremely grateful to our users, and thank everyone for their support. It’s you who drive RepairDesk to new heights every day.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you’d like to go for RepairDesk, consider giving our free 14-day trial a shot. With RepairDesk’s all-in-one solution to ticketing, invoicing, inventory management, reporting, and more, you’ll have the best repair management system on the market. Join us today and become part of the RepairDesk family.

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