RepairDesk Round-Up – November 2020 Edition

by RepairDesk
RepairDesk Round Up November

It’s the end of November and we are still in the Black Friday week. So, we know a lot must be going on at your place. Still, we wanted to drop by and tell you about everything we have added in RepairDesk latest web release. Because there are things that will help you in your holiday season sales.

To recap, here are all the things we launched (and planned) in this last month.

Review Campaign

You know, how important are customer reviews and feedbacks for a repair shop, right? They work like a magic word for getting new customers. So, how about an automated email campaign that you can send right through your POS software? Interesting, isn’t it? Just configure a few settings so every time you close a sale with a customer, your POS system automatically sends them an email asking to leave a review on your page. So smooth!

Customer Review Campaign in RepairDesk

So, make sure you turn this email campaign on and use it to collect tons of reviews in the holiday season. Learn more about  Campaigner Module in RepairDesk from our knowledge base article.

Estimates (Phase-II)

You remember our Estimates module, right? The one that helps you win sales from people who randomly ask you about the cost of a repair or an accessory. You can instantly create a professional estimate for them in your POS system and share it via email. Now, you can convert more leads into customers by

  • creating repair tickets before creating a repair estimate,
  • creating estimate with a deposit invoice.

And that’s our improved estimates module for you! Use it well to capture all the leads during Black Friday and the holiday season sales. Learn more about it from our knowledge base article on How Can I Create and Manage an Estimate?

ReVamp Wholesale

Let’s talk about your inventory and stock levels. It’s the holiday season, so you have got to stay stocked on repair parts, accessories, latest cell phones, etc. How are you planning to manage that? If you are in the US, our upgraded ReVamp Wholesale integration can help. View real-time ReVamp Wholesale’s inventory right from your RepairDesk account, create purchase order for your required items with a single click, and more!

Free SEO Audit Report

We know that you have worked hard on offering the best Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday deals. But have you thought about optimizing your website? Why? To make sure the local holiday shoppers find your store when they ask Google for “the best phone repair deals in town”.

We are offering a FREE SEO audit report of your website to find the issues with its local SEO and fix them. Get it now to optimize your website to pull all the local holiday shoppers to your repair store.

RepairDesk 2.0

We keep saying that RepairDesk is more than a basic repair POS software, it has a lot more to offer. Not only it lets you create instant repair tickets and invoices and manage your inventory, but it also helps you order repair parts and other items with its supplier integrations, run marketing campaigns, and much much more!

However, not all repair businesses want all that. Most of you guys have been praying for a basic repair POS system without all the unnecessary things? Well, guess what? We’re working on it! Presenting RepairDesk 2.0. A simpler, cleaner, and definitely more stable POS system for repair shops!

Here’s a sneak peak at what the new software is going to look like.

RepairDesk 2.0RepairDesk 2.0

We have recently shared this big news with our RepairDesk community and looks like they are more excited than us. Here, have a look! RepairDesk 2.0

Stay Tuned!

That’s about it for the month of November. Hope you make the most of all these additions and improvements in your POS software and use them to make big $$ this holiday season.

P.S. 2021 is going to be an amazing year with RepairDesk 2.0.

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