Web Release Notes: Fixed a Few Customer Reported Bugs

by RepairDesk

RepairDesk POS software is upgrading to bring maximum profit to your repair store. We’ve worked closely on the customer feedback and found out what issues they’re facing.
So, here’s what you can get with the latest release of our web app.

We’ve fixed the following issues:

  • If your service items’ list has more than 2000 entries in it, you can now easily download it via email. The store admin will receive the export file in the email and can download it from there.
  • Previously, when printing service receipts for tickets and invoices, the template editor was showing the wrong values for item discount and item price. Item values were being exchanged, and it was displaying faulty results. Another client reported the same issue for estimates and invoice templates.
  • We’ve made a quick fix in creating inquiries. Those customers, who have turned off the ‘Show Repair Categories’ trigger, can also create inquiries now.
  • An error 500 has been fixed, that was showing up when trying to download a PDF file of Inventory Count.
  • A bug was found in the Inventory Count report. The report was not fetching accurate results for the items that are linked to any subcategories. However, these issues don’t exist anymore.

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Coming Up:

We’re hard at work on our new version of RepairDesk that aims to redefine the RepairDesk user experience. Users of RepairDesk should be able to see the new version launch by Q2 2021. Subscribe to RepairDesk to stay updated and take full advantage of the new changes when they drop.

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