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by Mahnoor Mansur

Waking up every day at an ungodly hour, you go through the daily grind day after day. Your usual routine involves slogging through mind-numbing emails in search of a suitable side hustle.

All this hard work just to earn some extra cash.

Sounds terrible?

What if, rather than dealing with the boredom and stupor of the rat race to earn some extra bucks, you could make money easily?

We have 3 words for you – RepairDesk Partner Program.

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RepairDesk Partner Program – A Road To Earning More Money

Are you a repair parts supplier, vendor, repair school, or a business that has repair shop owners as customers? If yes, then this is for you!

Our Partner Program is an affiliate marketing platform structured to develop strategic partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises. The affiliates will be marketing our repair shop software on their websites to get more signups.

We have two types of plans for our affiliates. Every plan comes with a host of benefits for our affiliates.  

Let’s explore both the plans first:

1. Affiliate Partner

This is the first step of our Partner program. It will lay the ground for you to become an Affiliate Partner + in the future.

Every repair shop that signups for RepairDesk through your website will be counted as a lead. And in return, you will be earning with every signup. The more customers you bring, the more money you will earn and the more chances you will have of becoming our Affiliate Partner +.

2. Affiliate Partner +

You will be eligible for our Affiliate Partner + plan; once you get a bunch of signups for our repair shop software. Under this plan, you will get an opportunity to upgrade to an Integration partner once you reach the required signup limit.

It comes with a host of extra benefits to help you get more business and enjoy much more!

Now you must be wondering how to sign up for the RepairDesk Partner Program?

It’s simple!

All you have to do is email us at [email protected]. Our representative will contact you to explain all the nitty-gritty details of our partner program. Once you come on board, you can start promoting the RepairDesk Partner Program.

You will watch your hard-earned money fly into your bank account in no time!

What’s In It For You?

The RepairDesk Partner Program comes with a host of benefits for you. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Free Access To Our POS System

Maintaining your business the old fashion way can get quite challenging and monotonous. RepairDesk can fix all that with just a few clicks.

Why don’t you experience it yourself? Our affiliates have the fantastic opportunity to get free access to our repair shop software. Whether it’s repair ticket management, inventory management, making invoices, reporting, or employee management, we have got it all.

Streamline your processes today to get yourself ahead in the game. And bit farewell to pen and paper.

2. Priority Customer Support For You

Have any questions that are hindering your daily operations?

Ask our team for help. Our affiliate partner program gives you the fantastic opportunity to get priority customer support. You won’t have to wait for your queries to be answered.

You can call or email, and we will get to you first!

3. Handsome Incentives On Signups

Everybody has a side hustle these days. But it usually requires a lot of time and effort to build it from the ground up.

You have to work day and night, and sometimes overtime, to earn some extra cash. It affects your work-life balance, and you feel further apart from your family.

Not with our affiliate program. It lets you earn money per signup. And the most amazing part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on getting signups. Instead, just a few dedicated hours a day will do for you.

Thus, allowing you to spend some quality time with your family and simultaneously earn some extra bucks.

Note: The payment for every signup will be transferred within 35 days.

4. Feature On Website

As far as promoting your business is concerned, you always have to go the extra mile. Your marketing efforts have to be constantly in action to attract more customers.

Under our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to market your business on our repair shop software website.

Our website has around 20K+ traffic, and approximately 60-70% of traffic is directed from the USA. Thus, allowing you to get access to more potential customers.

So, don’t miss out on that extra revenue for your business.

5. Joy Of Helping

Do you like helping people?

There is something about helping people that brings peace and tranquility in life. If you like experiencing that, then join us.

By recommending our repair shop software to others, you can help people bid farewell to their old systems. So, assist them in streamlining their operations and increase their overall revenue.

Extra Benefits For Affiliate Partner + Plan

If you succeed in becoming a part of our Affiliate Partner + program, you will get a few added benefits in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Let’s see what those benefits are:

1. Banner Promotions On Our Channels

Marketing your business only on a few channels is never enough. You always have to go the extra mile to reach a wider audience.

Once you become a part of our Affiliate Partner + program, you will get a chance to have your banner promotions placed on all our channels. Here is a list of all our channels:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • YouTube

Get free access to thousands of people and showcase your brand.

2. Integration Announcement Newsletters

Another significant advantage that you will be gaining out of our Affiliate Partner + program will be integrating our repair shop software.

The integration with your business will be announced through our newsletters. And you will get featured as an integrated partner on our website.

For instance, our partnership with MobileSentrix and Injured Gadgets is featured on our website. It serves our customers better through easy parts ordering. 

3. Access Over 2200+ Merchants For Business Growth

RepairDesk has over 2200+ merchants using our software. Through the Affiliate Partner + program, you will get access to our merchants.

Hence, allowing you to market your business to a whole new target audience. It’s a perfect way to get more business.

Final Word

Our Affiliate Partner Program is structured to empower small and medium businesses to earn more revenue. It’s a ticket to reach more potential customers while helping them streamline their business using our repair shop software.

So if you have what it takes to become an affiliate partner, contact us today by filling the form. We promise that this partnership will reap enormous benefits for you as it will for us.

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