Increase Efficiency and Boost Profits with the Repair Price Calculator

by Mahnoor Mansur

Are you looking for a way to increase efficiency and boost profits through your repair ticket management system?

Repair Price Calculator is the solution!

Getting your prices right is very important for the success of your repair business. If you quote higher prices, your customers will fade and if you quote lower prices your profits will suffer.

Mistakes are indeed inevitable, but if you get your pricing strategy wrong, you can be out of business within a short time.

Keep reading to see how RepairDesk’s Repair Price Calculator can help you stay in business and on top of your game.

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Repair Price Calculator – A Step To Quoting The Right Price

A customer comes to your repair shop with a broken Samsung Z Flip. They explain how they dropped their prized possession accidentally and broke its screen.

Since this is the first Samsung Z Flip that you are repairing, you don’t have the parts needed for repair in your inventory. So you immediately create a special parts order through your repair ticket management system while creating a ticket.

You quote a repair price of $80 on the ticket. The customer goes home satisfied that they will get their Samsung Z Flip after 2 days.

When your technician sits down to repair the screen, it takes them more than the estimated time. All because they are doing this repair for the first time. Hence, the repair cost goes up to $150, which is more than the price you quoted to the customer.

The customer comes back to receive their device. You explain the whole scenario to the customer, hoping to receive the extra $70 spent on the repair. But in return, the customer becomes pissed and accuses you of overcharging.

To avoid a negative review, you let the customer pay the initial price quoted for the device and bear the extra charges yourself.

You could have totally dodged the situation by using our Repair Price Calculator. It allows you to quote an unusual phone or computer to have consistent profit margins and clear pricing.

This tool allows owners to quickly and easily establish prices and eliminates the need for guesswork when quoting customers. In addition, by calculating an accurate price in advance, there’s no chance of overcharging or undercharging, which will help to build customer trust.

How Does It Work?

To help you understand how our Repair Price Calculator works, we have explained the basic fields below.

1. Part Cost Ex Tax

In this field, you will have to enter the cost of the part involved in the repair. The cost of the part will be exclusive of tax since it will be calculated separately.

2. Markup

A repair is incomplete without a markup. So here, you will have the option of entering your desired markup on the repair.

3. Labor Rate – Fixed Or Hourly

In this field, you have to enter the labor rate. Different repair shops have other criteria for calculating the labor rate. To cater to all repair shops, the calculator gives the option of both fixed and hourly rates.

4. Tax Class

Lastly, you have to enter the tax class. You have three options in this field, tax-exempt, inclusive, and exclusive. You can pick the one that you follow in your repair ticket management system .

Once all your fields are filled, hit the calculate button to get the quote. If you accidentally entered a wrong value, you can hit the reset button and calculate again. It just takes a few clicks to quote a repair price to your customers.

Benefits of Repair Price Calculator

Here are the advantages of using our Repair Price Calculator:

1- Free of cost

Yes, you read it right!

Our Repair Price Calculator is free of cost. It will allow you to save time as well as money. You can easily access it and use it without any additional costs.

So, what’s stopping you from quoting the correct prices?

2- Easy And Simple to Use 

You don’t require any technical knowledge or training for using this tool. Any repair shop owner can use the Repair Price Calculator through our repair ticket management system without any hassles.

Give our Repair Price Calculator a try today and boost your profits!

3- Options to View With Tax And Without Tax

You have added the tax and price of the part with the markup. Now you want to see the price without tax.

If that is the case, you don’t have to do the calculation again by adding the tax. Instead, you can click a single button to see the calculated price with and without tax.

It’s that simple.

4- Quote Accurate Repair Prices

The Repair Price Calculator will help you quote repair prices accurately. This repair calculator is designed keeping in mind the precision of repair quotes needed by repair store owners.

Thus, helping you build customer’s trust and getting repeat business.

5- Increases Efficiency

This repair ticket management system will increase your work efficiency and help you boost profits.

You can save time and effort you would have otherwise spent in manually calculating the repair prices for each phone or computer.

Try it now!

Bottom Line

Our Repair Price Calculator is specially designed to help repair shop owners quote accurate prices and avoid chargebacks. We are working towards making more developments in our new invention. Here is what you can expect in the future. 

  • Get repair price suggestions according to your zip code
  • Create your profile on the repair price calculator, so you don’t have to enter labor rate or select tax class again

So, start using the Repair Price Calculator in our repair ticket management system today. 

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