4 Ways Store Credits Can Enhance your Returns Process

by Mahnoor Mansur

A customer comes into your cell phone repair shop and complains that all their data is gone. They accuse you of deleting all the data without permission and demand an immediate refund.

You ask the customer’s details and open their ticket on the cell phone store POS software to check their details. Then, you inquire from the technician who worked on the customer’s device. Unfortunately, they forgot to backup the data on the device, and POOF – it’s all gone.

Now a refund is your safest option here, but it can cost you a customer who never comes back to you for repair jobs.

Should you just give a refund and let the customer go?

There’s another option: Store Credits in RepairDesk Enterprise Version!

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Your response should be something like this:

“Hey, I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, our technician was unable to backup the data on the device. And we understand the trouble that it must have caused you. How about we offer you some store credits to make it up to you.”


That response not only just saved you from a negative review but also got you repeat business. Because returns can be frustrating for you and your customers.

Customers often feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. And it’s not only because they may be out of money for something they don’t want or need, but also because it can take weeks before their refund comes through.

On the other hand, you have to deal with the logistics of refunds–from processing them to shipping them back to the supplier in case of faulty. And inevitably, you lose money on returned items that go unsold in the meantime.

There Is More To Store Credits Than You Think!

Here are a few benefits that you can reap by offering store credits through your cell phone store POS software.

1.    Refund Customers Without Losing Money

When a customer is unhappy with their purchase, there are ways to take care of them without giving away money.

First, you can offer your customers store credits instead of refunds through your phone repair software. Store credits give you the same benefits as cash refunds. It’s just that they’re not actual dollars and cents transactions.

And it won’t cost you extra time and money to give customers store credits instead of refunds. Plus, you’ll also benefit in the long run because it will save your company from losing even more money.

For example, let’s say a customer returns an i20W USB-C Power Adapter of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro that was purchased on sale for $30. But it is now only worth $20. The reason being the launch of new iPhone 13 because of which the value of accessories of previous additions are decreased).

If you refund money to that customer, your company loses $10 in the transaction (the difference between what you initially sold and returned items). But, if instead, you give store credits worth $10, your business still saves money because it doesn’t have to deal with processing cash.

It’s a win-win for your repair business and your customer.

2.    Never Let A Customer Go Because Of A Refund

Allow your consumers to return to your repair store when you give them store credits. It will help you in customer retention and ensure repeat business.

Your business needs to take the time and initiative to ensure that its customers return after getting a refund.

This might click your mind, “Why should I care if my customer comes back or not? It’s just $20.”

But you’d rather keep your clients than lose them, right? So while you may think that it’s a small number at first, you stand to lose a significant amount of customers if they never come back.

So offering store credits in your cell phone store POS software will ensure that they return for future repairs.

3.    Store Credits Can Turn Your Return Process Into A Profitable Proposition

Turning around returns into a profitable proposition may sound impossible at first. Still, if you implement store credits correctly, it’s entirely possible.

Let’s go back to our example above. Refunding an i20W USB-C Power Adapter of Apple iPhone 11 Pro that was purchased on sale for $30 and is now only worth $20.

If you give this customer a cash refund instead of store credits, your business basically just lost $20. They’re out the money they initially spent on this item, PLUS whatever you sold it for (on sale).

But if you give store credits worth $30 to that same customer, then your business can turn its return process into an entirely new revenue stream! You’ll be able to sell the power adapter for $20 and make a profit from the store credit you gave out.

This is an entirely new way to use your return process as a profitable proposition.

So don’t skip this type of opportunity if it presents itself!

4.      Improve Company Image And Customer Relations

Implementing store credits as a customer service strategy can also help improve your company image and strengthen relationships with customers.

For example, let’s consider the i20W USB-C Power Adapter refund example again. While giving them store credits worth $30 through your cell phone store POS software, include a coupon for 15% off their next purchase.

Firstly, it will help you build a relationship with your customer by showing them that you value their experience. Secondly, it will reveal that you want to keep clients (a practice known as building lifetime value). And lastly, it will also make the return process a lot more pleasant for them.

Instead of feeling like you’re taking advantage of their return, they’ll be able to see it as a mutually beneficial transaction. And it will help both parties in the long run.

So when your customers receive store credits instead of refunds (and provided you implement it correctly), then not only can they benefit from these, but so can you.


Store credits are more than just a substitute for a cash refund. Instead, they’re a powerful customer service tool that can open up new ways for you to process returns.

The way you implement store credits as a customer service strategy should depend on what you sell and your customer base. But if you’ve been thinking of store credits as a “weak” version of a refund, it’s time to reevaluate what they can do for your business.

As we’ve seen above, there are many benefits to offering store credits as an alternative customer service strategy over refunds. So consider including this returns policy in your point of sale software and take advantage of the opportunity that store credits present!

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