Web Release Notes: Introducing Inter-Company Invoicing in RepairDesk

by RepairDesk
Inter-company Invoicing

Enterprise Version

Franchise Management

Do you want to charge a certain percentage on the total sales, net profit, or on the received payments of your business franchises? You can do it now with RepairDesk’s Enterprise Version. Set the calculation criteria for each scenario according to your preferences. After that, keep a track of your franchise fee from the newly-added multi-store report.

Franchise Management

Setup a franchise, calculate profit margins, set taxes, or create separate price lists for different stores, all through our Enterprise Version. Also, you can order abundant stock to your main store or warehouse, and then transfer it to your business franchises according to their requirements. Plus, you’ll also be able to earn a little profit out of this transfer.

Inter-company Invoicing

Inter-company InvoicingInter-company Invoicing

With the recently introduced inter-company invoicing feature, you can now configure profits on your inventory transfers. Set up a percentage or plain amount profit margin for each product category of your main store’s inventory. Once it’s done, that profit will be added to the cost price of those products whenever they are added to any transfer orders.

For more information, head on over to our knowledge-base article on Franchise Management & Inter-company Invoicing.

Low Stock Report

Our team at RepairDesk has developed an additional consolidated section in the main store reporting for accumulative inventory purchase order and inventory transfer with profit. The report was, by default, accessible to only the Admin and Super Admin roles, but now Admin/Super Admin can allow other employees under them to view the report from the Roles and Permissions settings.

Low Stock Report -RepairDesk

Go to our help desk and learn more about our Low Stock Report improvements.

Transfer Order

Here’s what to expect from the newest improvements in the multi store inventory transfer module;

  • Add items to your transfer order directly from the Low Stock Report.
  • Search and add items via Item ID, SKU, Serial Number or simply by scanning the item’s barcode.
  • After adding all line items in the Transfer Order, change the global status of all products in one go.

Learn more on Inventory Transfer in RepairDesk

Inventory Transfer -RepairDesk

Item Scanning in GRN

To enhance user-experience, RepairDesk now allows repair store owners to scan items and add them to the GRN. Along with the option to search inventory items via item ID, SKU or serial number, you can simply scan and add items in no time.

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