Our Low Stock Reports Just Got Improved!

by RepairDesk
Low Stock Report in our repair shop software

There’s some really good news related to low stock reports for multi-store owners having single warehouses for parts here…

Managing inventory is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider and so many boxes to keep track of. This is why we have added an inventory management module with low stock reports that makes life easier for repair stores using RepairDesk. We thought it through and everything was going fine. The repair stores were happy and all was well. But then one fateful day, we received a query at our Help Desk.

Multiple Stores Powered by a Single Warehouse

One of our customers was running multiple stores and had a single warehouse for inventory items. It was this treasure cove from where all his repair stores used to get their parts for repairs. It was an easy business for our inventory management module as it used to display items against every store separately. Same happened with the purchase orders. But our client had other plans…

The Purchase Order Horror

He wanted to create a single purchase order for low stock items in all of his stores. Managing each store separately and making purchase orders for all of them one by one was no doubt cumbersome. But hey, we are here to make things easy for you! And this is precisely what we did.

Our Solution Brewery Began Brewing

We saw that query in our Help Desk’s suggestions and set to work. We can’t keep our customer hanging, can we? Our CEO heard about it and he joined hands too. While the developers worked on the code, the designers came up with engaging user interface. All these ingredients got together and with some good fermentation and some sleepless nights, we were able to brew to perfect solution.

The Perfect Solution for Low Stock Reports…

In our latest web release, we have developed an additional consolidated report in the main store reporting for accumulative inventory purchase order and inventory transfer with profit. Since we care so much about privacy and we are strong supporters of capitalism, we have added something extra which you are just going to love. It was: by default, only Admin and Super Admin are able to see the new report but they can allow other employees under them to see it from the roles and permissions settings.

With this solution, our customer was happy, our developers were happy and even our sales guys were happy. We love spreading such happiness around. If you want to be happy too, try RepairDesk for free!

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